In this Houdini Connect we chat with Mário Dubec and Petr Zloty from the Prague-based studio UPP about their work in a spot created for Vodafone. The primary focus of their work on this project is around the generation of big crowds and of course the subsequent VFX work requiredRead More →

Get started in Photoshop: Learn advanced techniques for changing the color of any object in a scene using Photoshop. Download sample assets to follow along: Subscribe: LET’S CONNECT Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Adobe Creative Cloud gives you the world’s best creative apps so you canRead More →

In this video Erika sets the rig to simulate depth on Spineboy in Spine. Expand the video description for downloads and chapters! This is a cut version of the stream. The full version is available on Twitch. Downloadable project: Get Spine: Art by Siniša “Sinke” Mataić. Follow ErikaRead More →

For this presentation we’ll focus on taking a glimpse into Houdini’s animation tools. We’ll learn how to setup our f-curve interpolation for Pose-to-Pose animation blocking, how to polish animation, and we’ll also learn how quick and convenient it is to simulate a handheld camera with Motion FX. Delano Athias hasRead More →

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