Marketing and promotion of your game are important. They are quite possibly the most important parts of your game development process. You’ve seen, played and bought games that were advertised as amazing blockbusters, and then turned out to be garbage. But why were they so successful?Read More →

IndieCade showcases some of the best indie games of the year and you’re invited to submit your project for the 2018 season.  This year you can apply to both IndieCade Festival and IndieCade Europe, separately or together.Read More →

So, you’re currently in high school or college and you want to get into game development. You know this is what you want to spend the rest of your life doing. So, how do you do that? Here are some tips to help you out.Read More →

Tech Happy Hour – Pittsburgh Mario’s East Side Saloon on Walnut Street! This will be a great opportunity to meet fellow members, talk about projects and socialize 🙂 We’ll have free Yuengling, Miller and Coors 🙂 Plus 1/2 Price Pizza / $3 Sam Adams Seasonal$2 Tacos 5pm-10pmWine Night 5pm-midnightRead More →

16 game developer tips for Making Educational Games for Kids

People will state that edutainment video games don’t need to fun. The problem with that statement, is most people, especially children, will not engage in the activity if it’s not fun. And if it’s not something interesting or fun, people and children are less likely to retain the information they learn.Read More →

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