Building a gaming rig can be daunting, but for a gamer who is used to solving puzzles, going on quests, and grinding patiently for hours to level up a character, building a gaming PC can be a lot of fun too. The prize is rewarding and the journey is entertaining.Read More →

Voice Over in Gaming

Video Game production is a multifaceted and complicated beast to behold. There is an awe-inspiring number of moving parts to bring these interactive stories to life. Engaging audiences emotionally is vital to building a fanbase, and an easy route into every player’s heart is adding authentic voices to the characters.Read More →

Experimenting with Entrepreneurship

If you’re considering whether to launch a business, the thought of diving headfirst into entrepreneurship can seem a bit scary — and for good reason. From financial constraints to burnout, entrepreneurship is challenging — and approximately 20 percent of small businesses fail before their first full year of operation.  Read More →

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