Atari Speakerhats Now Available

Atari Speakerhats Launch Collection

That’s right! The Atari Speakerhats are now available. And, they have some super sweet Bladerunner Edition!!

Atari’s All-New Speakerhats, powered by Audiowear, are finally here!

Live the Atari Connected Lifestyle and enjoy a unique new listening experience.

Speakerhats are wearable premium audio devices that deliver immersive stereo sound without blocking out the real world.

Speakerhats are perfect for music, mobile gaming, streaming video, phone calls and more.


Atari has three standard styles of Fuji Blackout, Royal Blue / White, and  Black / White. For a limited time, they also have a Limited Edition Blade Runner style speakerhat. The standard style hats cost $129.99 and the Limited Edition Blade Runner speakerhat will cost $139.99.

Are these speakerhats super cool and trendy! Hell yes. And I want one. Specifically, I’d like a #Bladerunner #atari #speakerhat. Hint, hint. Wink, wink.


Should You Go Get a Speakerhat, like, right now?

Well, first off. I believe they are still on pre-order with the Fuji Blackout shipping in October and the Royal Blue / White and Black / White speakerhats shipping for the Holiday season. They didn’t list a date for the BladeRunner speakerhats but they did say “while supplies last” so they must have a limited amount. So, order one for me now. Please? Hah, just kidding. Maybe.

But seriously, this is definitely a luxury item in the game accessory world. If you like to be trendy and have the money for this cool gear, you should totally buy one. It would be super cool to listen to some romantic music while walking with your significant other on the beach, or jam to some tunes while playing hacky sack at the park. Great when you’re chillin’ at the bus stop with your friends, waiting for the school bus. Or maybe, you get an urge to break out into a music dance in your school cafeteria. You know, typical stuff.

I will ask for one favor, though. If you do purchase yourself and me a Blade Runner Limited Edition Speakerhat, please be mindful of where you are, and ask yourself “do the people around me really want to hear my phone conversation?”. You all know exactly what I’m talkin’ about.

Anyways, so go forth into the land of Atari. Purchase you and me an Atari Speakerhat now at!

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