Artist to Leader | Hudson Martins | Houdini HIVE Worldwide

Artist to Leader is a talk from Hudson Martins Head of FX in Axis Studios. It is aimed towards artists and supervisors alike. Hudson is planning to share his knowledge and experience adapting from being a Houdini generalist artist and to managing a team of FX artists across multiple disciplines such asHoudini FX for trailers and series, for in Game cinematics and even Traditional 2D FX. The talk will take you through a timerly journey following a team size of 3 artists to what now averages 20+ on busier periods.Meanwhile he will be sharing similar knowledge of Head of FX, FX supervisors and FX leads from other companies which consent in order to show similarities as well as differences depending on your company’s needs. This is not about sharing business secrets, rather sharing essential knowledge Hudson wishes he knew when he started the journey of leading the FX -Team.

Hudson Martin makes sparks fly at Axis Studios – he’s the brains behind the complex, swirling, beautiful FX seen across many of our projects. Brazilian born Hudson moved to Sweden to study industrial engineering where exposure to CAD and Autodesk Inventor inspired him to switch his degree to computer graphics. At Axis Studios, he manages the ever-growing FX team (also known as the X-Team), who take an artistic approach to FX, using movement and timing to support the storytelling. His team consistently pushes the bar, finding new ways to deliver the highest quality eye-opening visuals, whether it’s simple real time sparks, hand drawn 2D FX for a stylized project, or a full on destruction simulation sequence for a cinematic.

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