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Artificial Intelligence Panel Discussion: We Come In Peace II

Northeast Ohio Association for Computing Machinery

Northeast Ohio Association for Computing Machinery (NEOACM) is a Meetup group in Youngstown, Ohio. This group focuses on Robotics and Computer Engineering. The Northeast Ohio ACM Professional Chapter, in collaboration with the Artificial Intelligence Journal and the ACM Artificial Intelligence Special Interest Group (SIGAI), is hosting a panel discussion on Artificial Intelligence in our Ohio communities.

The AI panel discussion will talk about some of the most important and influential AI projects that are being implemented in Ohio, namely: Self-Driving Vehicles, Smart Cities, Robotics, and Cognitive Computing. The discussions will cover the many hopeful scenarios that Artificial Intelligence offers along with the challenges that have to be met when implementing AI technologies.

Special Guest

The special guest moderator will be Nikola Danaylov, #1 bestselling author of the book “ Conversations with the Future”. He is also a keynote speaker, Futurist, strategic adviser, popular International Blogger and Podcast host of “Singularity 1-on-1”. Danaylov is considered the “Larry King” of the Singularity.


    • Andrew Konya: Co-founder & CEO of Remesh, a Cleveland-based AI company
    • Dough McCollough: CTO of Dublin, Ohio
    • Dr. Shiqi Zhang: Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Researcher at Cleveland State University
    • Dr. Jay Ramanathan: Executive Director of
    • Paul Carlson: Intelligent Community Strategist for Columbus, Ohio
    • Dr. Mark Vopat: Professor of Political Philosophy, Applied Ethics at Youngstown State University


Artificial Intelligence is Everywhere

Artificial Intelligence technology and applications are a part of our daily lives. There are AI startups and efforts popping up all over Ohio, but there has not been a platform where the community can be properly informed about this technology, or a means in which people can express their concerns.

Let’s Talk AI Future and Concerns

NEOACM is working towards providing a public platform for consumers, scientists, hobbyists or anyone else to discuss topics about Artificial Intelligence. In part 1 that took place last year at Kent State University, the Artifical Intelligence panel discussed the basic meaning of AI and some of the general challenges. With part 2, we want to continue this discussion by talking about specific efforts and applications in Ohio.

Before the Artificial Intelligence panel discussion, there will be 3 presentations from 4:00 – 5:00 PM.

    • Andrew Konya, from Remesh, will discuss his AI software that summarizes group discussions
    • Cameron Hughes, from Ctest Labs, YSU, and ASC will give a presentation on SARAA (Safe Autonomous Robot Application Architecture), an approach to Intelligent robot programming.
    • Chris Slee, from AWH of Dublin Ohio, will discuss the difference between AI and Machine Learning and how ML can be used for business.

After the Artificial Intelligence panel discussion, from about 7:20 – 8:00 PM, there will be a MEET & GREET. Attendees can speak 1-on-1 with Mr. Danaylov, the presenters, and some of the panelists to collect and discuss important information about artificial intelligence.

AI Panel Details

Seating is limited.

The AI panel will be live streamed from NEOACM’s website.

This event is free and open to the public.

The AI event is co-sponsored by the YSU CSI Department, Dr. James Dale Ethics Center, YSU Student Chapter of ACM-W, AWH of Dublin Ohio, and the Cleveland Machine Intelligence Meetup.

When: Thursday, September 14, 2016

Time: 4:00 – 8:00 PM

Where: Youngstown State University’s

McDonough Museum of Art Auditorium

525 Wick Ave; Youngstown, OH

For more info, please view the NEOACM website or Meetup page.

Quote from Pat of Oak Hill Collaborative

oak hill collaborative

“Some of the primary movers behind the NEOACM utilize space in our [Oak Hill Collaborative] basement for the Oak Hill Robotics Makerspace. This panel discussion features some of them as well as folks who have been helping us with broadband, digital inclusion, and smart cities. As important leaders and thinkers, you are invited to attend and encouraged to participate in the discussion. Should be very interesting.” – Pat Kerrigan, Oak Hill Collaborative

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