First Edition Graphite Black Amico Intellivision Entertainment Europe

Amico First Edition exclusively at MediaMarkt and Saturn

NUREMBERG – April 23, 2020 – Intellivision Entertainment Europe announces a limited edition of “Intellivision Amico” for Europe, starting in Germany, as part of the launch planned for October 10, 2020 under the title “First Edition”. This version of the Family Entertainment System will only be available to a limited extent with exclusive content.

The “First Edition” is the Graphite Black Amico, which, like every version of the console, comes standard with two wireless Bluetooth controllers with a color touchscreen and six preinstalled games, including the sports game Intellivision Skiing, the family fun Shark! Shark !, the Astrosmash space shooter, the motion control sports game Cornhole, the innovative dice game Farkle and another title that has not yet been revealed.

First Edition Numbering

Only buyers of the “First Edition” will receive a numbered Amico Lenticular Trading Card, which will be personally signed by Amico creator Tommy Tallarico and Intellivision Europe President Hans Ippisch. In addition, they will receive the four digital soundtrack albums Earthworm Jim Anthology, MDK Soundtrack, Tommy Tallarico: Greatest Hits Vol. I and Tommy Tallarico: Greatest Hits Vol. II.

Hans Ippisch, President Europe of Intellivision and Managing Director of Intellivision Entertainment Europe GmbH

“With the “First Edition “, we not only want to give Intellivision fans in Europe the opportunity to have their own Amico on Launch Day but also to reward them for their great support with exclusive additions.”

The pre-sale of the “Intellivision Amico First Edition” will start exclusively in Germany from April 30th at MediaMarkt and Saturn. Further territories adding this summer. The recommended retail price for the limited first edition including the exclusive additions is EUR 279.

Accompanying the start of the “First Edition” pre-sale, Intellivision Entertainment Europe is launching innovative collaborations with leading media houses in the gaming and IT sectors. Readers and users of leading online portals and magazines have the exclusive opportunity to use their name to immortalize themselves in the credits of the Amico games Moon Patrol and Pong and to get a 25% discount code for the online merchandise store. All they have to do is send their order confirmation to a special address.

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