Alice in Neuroland

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Eyewire, a game to map the brain, is here with some curious news for you!

Alice’s Adventures in Neuroland

Here at HQ we’ve received a report of a Hero of Neuroscience with a case of extreme imagination, and the consequences appear to be most extraordinary. She disappeared in front of us –

Why, look behind you!

That white Rabbit that looks a lot like Nurro! He’s running off! Perhaps if we follow him, we can find Alice! Starting on Friday, April 20th, we’re embarking on a wondrous journey through Neuroland. Care to come along?

alice in neuroland 2

Eyewire on Capitol Hill

This week Eyewire made an appearance on Capitol Hill at the BRAIN Fair to celebrate 5 years of neuroscience research! Eyewire was selected, along with other cutting edge neuroscience projects, to display an interactive exhibit to members of Congress, showing off all the progress we’ve made through Congress’s BRAIN Initiative.


Eyewire in Rolling Stone

What can games teach us? How can we harness the power of games for a scientific breakthrough? Check out this feature in Rolling Stone on the power and potential of “serious” games to educate and ignite discovery.

We’ll see you online this Friday as we journey through the retina to see what adventures await in Neuroland!

For Fun, For Science!

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