Welcome Ad


  • 640 x 480 for desktop
  • 300 x 50 for mobile devices


  • gif
  • jpg
  • png
  • HTML (desktop only)
  • HTML5 (desktop only)
  • Rich Media (desktop only)
  • **All Flash files need to be converted to HTML5

Max File Size:

  • 100K

Frequency Cap:

  • 1 view per user, per 12 hour period

Animation Time Limit:

  • 15 seconds

Loop Limit:

  • 3 loops, 15 seconds each

Alt Text

  • Cannot exceed 70 characters


  • Linking URL is required upon creative submission

Creative Format

Timer and Skip Feature:

  • The Welcome Ad timer is located above client creative in the upper right corner. Triggered upon landing, the user has the option of skipping or viewing the ad in its entirety. Clocking up to 15 seconds, the timer counts down each second before the user automatically redirected to intended page.

Object Creative:

  • The Welcome Ad is launched in the center of the page and is comprised of one click-thru which re-directs usersto a new window when clicked. If a user does not skip or click on the ad, they will be automatically redirected to the intended page.

Creative Specifications

jpg, gif, png

  • 72 DPI
  • standard optimization (no progressive scan)
  • RGB color mode


  • Video is accepted but required to follow Third Party and Google’s In-Banner Rich Media guidelines

Creatives Deadline

gif, jpg, html

  • Two business days before campaign launch

HTML5, Video

  • Five business days before campaign launch

Tracked Metrics

The following metrics are tracked via Google’s DoubleClick:

  • unique loads
  • clicks

Files to Download

Creative Templates

Creative Layout Display

  • This is for you to view how your creatives from your campaign will look and where they will be placed on the website
  • PSD (coming soon)
  • AI (coming soon)


(image coming soon)