Advanced Vellum Workflows | John Lynch | H17 Masterclass

The Vellum Solver in Houdini provides many features for interesting effects such as sticky collisions, tearing, deformable solids, and permanent bending from plastic flow. This masterclass provides an overview of the inner workings of the Vellum Solver, then describes its use in such effects, covering topics such as graph coloring, animated constraint properties, dynamic constraints, plasticity, and soft bodies.

Download scene file here:

0:04:25 PBD
0:11:09 Integration Method
0:21:18 Graph Colouring
0:33:24 Solver Iterations
0:44:26 Pins & Welds
0:57:14 Hard Welds
1:08:05 Hard Constraints – (Welding) Tearing
1:33:04 Animating Constraints
1:56:58 Dynamic Constraints
2:24:52 Plasticity
2:36:08 Soft Bodies & Grains

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