Adding the Fun to Math Fundamentals | Jan Mentzel & Ruben Tack | Howest

From Houdini Hive Education Edition originally broadcast on November 12, 2020.

For many years we have struggled to find the best way to teach math to aspiring 3d artists. Trying something radically different, we abandoned traditional means and tools. Instead, we chose to work with Houdini, using VOPs and simple geometry to explain fundamental mathematical concepts. In this presentation we discuss our motivations for changing the course and how we made it more interesting, visually appealing and approachable.

Jan Mentzel & Ruben Tack are lecturers at Digital Arts and Entertainment (DAE), part of the university college Howest in Kortrijk, Belgium. Throughout its 3 year curriculum, DAE aims to shape absolute beginners into 3d artists with a strong technical background.

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