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Youngstown Game Developers Mission

The Youngstown Game Developers is a North East Ohio independent game development resourcing group that focuses on helping people become successful game developers in the entertainment technology field. We work day and night to bring an organization for students, professionals, and hobby enthusiasts to come together to learn, talk about, and become a part of the video game development industry.

Our goal is to help our community grow and create jobs within the entertainment technology field and have fun developing games. Youngstown Game Developers works with schools, students, companies, independent developers and anyone in between to learn about what game development is, and offers tools to help them succeed.

Some of the programs and events that we host and attend include:

  • Regular Monthly Meetup
  • Monthly Hack Night
  • Yearly Game Jam
  • Ohio Game Developers Expo trip
  • Various other game development event trips
  • Speeches and presentations at events, schools, community groups, etc.
  • …and much more

We encourage anyone interested in learning about who we are and to learn more about game development and entertainment technology to come to one our Regular Monthly Meetups. They are held on the first Sunday of each month. Each month we have speakers and talk about a different subject to do with the game development and the entertainment technology field.

Some of our topics include:

  • Game Marketing
  • Networking
  • Kickstarters and other crowdfunding
  • Software Development Kits (SDKs)
  • Graphics
  • Game Design
  • Mechanics
  • Social Presence
  • Programming Languages
  • Character Design
  • and more!

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Youngstown Game Developers brought to you by:

Kendra Corpier, Organizer / Founder

An indie game developer, professor, and interactive designer. Kendra is the founder of Eimear Studios and Organizer for Youngstown Game Developers. She has done plenty in the video game industry, from being a QA tester in her early years, working for studios, and even being a part of the video game press. With her indie studio, she creates, designs, produces and publishes her own games, from concept to finish. She also writes a blog on her studio website, kcindiegamedesign.com and has a  YouTube channel. Kendra believes the best part of being indie, is the freedom to create and learn on her own terms. Check out eim-games.com to keep up with her work.