infographic a brief history of esports

A Brief History of eSports [Infographic]

eSports are Huge Now

When Blizzard launched the beta version of “Overwatch” more than 9 million gamers signed up for it. This was not only a sign of success for the game but also showed how much gamers love online multiplayer games. eSports, which over the past decade have become synonymous with competitive online gaming, have taken advantage of this massive interest.

What is eSports?

eSports can be defined as official tournaments where professional players battle with each other in games like DOTA, Counter-Strike or StarCraft II. With sponsors and backers, the prize winner’s purse has bloated into millions of dollars, making the allure of eSports even stronger. eSports will now only grow.

With online forums, live streaming service Twitch, and coverage by television channels, eSports is now becoming a household concept. If the last decade eSports was ignored, this decade it will be feverishly adopted. Major game developers are also backing the concept with their own versions of eSports tournaments.

eSports Has Sponsors

More recently, major sponsors have started to back tournaments due to huge turnout and exposure to these events. RedBull, Electronic Arts, and Xbox are among the few well-recognized names that have secured long-term partnerships with numerous major eSports event. Follow the events that shaped the modern iteration of eSports in the infographic below. Created by Computer Planet, it’s the perfect resource to learn all about eSports.


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