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NEOWIT (Northeast Ohio Women In Technology) This is a networking event. We’ll talk about our upcoming career series, meet new people in our industry and enjoy happy hour. Hope you can join us! Beachwood, OH 44122 – USA Wednesday, February 19 at 5:30 PM 5 Networking @Pinstripes Wednesday, FebRead More →

A wild west point&click adventure
https://ashgames.com/rosewater | https://store.steampowered.com/app/1226670
A thrilling wild west adventure set in the world of Lamplight City! Harley Leger and her ragtag posse embark on a harrowing journey across Western Vespuccia, facing bandits, rebels, ruthless oil barons, and many more obstacles on their quest for fame and riches.

Original Music: Mark Benis
Trailer Narration: Amelia Tyler
Trailer Editing: Alasdair Beckett-King

About Rosewater
It’s been several years since Harley Leger left New Bretagne and headed west, hoping to leave the past behind and make her way as a freelance writer. After arriving in the sleepy border town of Rosewater, a seemingly trivial assignment for the local paper leads to the hunt for a missing man’s fortune—and the story of the century.

Harley and her ragtag posse embark on a harrowing journey across Western Vespuccia, facing bandits, rebels, ruthless oil barons, and many more obstacles on their quest for fame and riches.

• A thrilling treasure hunt with 5 travel companions. How you treat and interact with them affects the story.
• Traditional adventure game puzzles (i.e. inventory-based) some with more than one solution.
• Fully rotoscoped animations, including cinematic closeups.
• High resolution 1280×720 graphics (yes, that’s 720p!)
• Full music score by Mark Benis, featuring live instruments.
• Meet over 50 professionally voiced characters.

© 2020 Grundislav Games, Francisco Gonzalez
© 2020 Application Systems Heidelberg Software GmbH
All Rights Reserved.Read More →

NE Ohio ACM Chapter BRITEhack is: An energy-focused civic hackathon, A challenge to solve an issue using technology and your unique experiences, An opportunity to create a meaningful impact in the community, Your chance to brainstorm with like-minded individuals, have fun and win a prize! What is a Hackathon?Read More →

Looking for Esports logo inspiration? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together some logo styles we made with Placeit’s logo generator for you to start imagining how you want your gaming clan logo to look like.Read More →

The Year of the Rat is here!

Ring in the new year on the objective! For a limited time, celebrate with your favorite heroes in the 2020 Overwatch Lunar New Year event and earn new skins, emotes, highlight intros, player icons, sprays, and more. Plus, play limited-time game modes, including the new-for-2020 brawl: Capture-the-Flag Blitz.

May good fortune follow you all year… but Overwatch’s Year of the Rat celebration ends on Feb 5. Good fortune awaits.

Learn more: Blizz.ly/LNY2020

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/playoverwatch
Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/playoverwatch
Join us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/playoverwatchRead More →

Akron Women In Tech A group of foxes is called a skulk, and a group of women learning Vue together is called awesome. Bring your computer and join us for a full-day of fun and learning as we embark on our first Vue-Voyage. Vue Vixens is an initiative thatRead More →

Akron Women In Tech Led by Jessie Barnett, Senior Software Engineer Have you struggled with deployments due to environment differences or wish there was a more straightforward way of managing your development environment? Docker could be the solution for you! We’ll begin by discussing what containerization is as wellRead More →

Akron Women In Tech Think like a UX researcher.We will talk about some practices of UX that will help you think like a UX Researcher. Tasha has over 15 years of technical experience. Over the past 4 years Tasha has taken a sabbatical from programming to experience UX research.Read More →

Calgary Game Developers No speaker for tonight’s Social, so please bring your laptops out for demos, projects, or showing off things you have been working on! Schedule: 6:00 – Social Begins, mingle, order food, pull out your laptops7:00 – Light CGDA Announcements7:05 – Just meet n greet till theRead More →

Unusual mix of an adventure and an idle-game.
https://ashgames.com/thelonging | https://store.steampowered.com/app/893850

Play as a lonely Shade, the last servant of a king who once ruled an underground kingdom. The king’s powers have faded and he falls asleep for 400 days to regain his might. It is your duty to stay in the earthen palace until he awakens.

As soon as you start, the game inevitably counts down the 400 days – even when you stop playing and exit the game.
It is now up to you to decide what to do with your solitary existence beneath the soil. Don’t stress yourself, you have plenty of time.

Choose your playing style:
Start the game and simply come back after 400 days to see how it ends. You actually don’t have to play the game at all. But the Shade will be even more lonely without you.

Or explore the caves and collect items for your comfortable underground living room. Just send the Shade to take a stroll – the walking speed is slow, but luckily there is no need to hurry.

Read tons of classic literature from Nietzsche to Moby Dick right in the game – or at least have the shade read them. After all, time goes by faster if you learn to keep your mind occupied.

Ignore the king’s commands and advance to the outer regions the cave. It will be a long and dangerous journey into darkness…

• Slow exploration of a vast, hand-drawn cave.
• Atmospheric Dungeon Synth soundtrack.
• Various endings.
• Lots of well hidden secrets.
• Time-based puzzles.
• A lonely but cute protagonist.

Winner: Long Feature Award (A MAZE Berlin 2019)
Nominee: IGF Nuovo Award (IGF, San Francisco 2020)
Special Mention: Animated Games Award (Germany 2019)

© 2020 Studio Seufz, Anselm Pyta
© 2020 Application Systems Heidelberg Software GmbH
All Rights Reserved.Read More →

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