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  • Game Development is more than just gamesDream Job: Video Games are more than Just Games
    Join the co-founder of Eimear Studios as she talks a Q and A panel about the game development industry. Watch from your couch! […]
  • Pixel Game Maker MV Game Development ChallengePixel Game Maker MV Winners Announced
    PLAYISM and Kadokawa Corporation have announced the winners for the Pixel Game Maker MV Game Development Challenge! This competition had some great entries. Let's view the winners! […]
  • GDEX 2020 LogoGDEX 2020 Online!
    GDEX 2020, the Midwest's gaming expo, will be hosted online this year! Details listed here for attendees and developers! […]
Voice Over in Gaming

Video Game production is a multifaceted and complicated beast to behold. There is an awe-inspiring number of moving parts to bring these interactive stories to life. Engaging audiences emotionally is vital to building a fanbase, and an easy route into every player’s heart is adding authentic voices to the characters.Read More →

Rekindle the fire! A new update launches today across Apple Arcade, Switch, PS4, XBO and Epic Games Store. Includes:

– 20% more puzzles
– The ability to replay any of the puzzles at any time
– Allow players to Read the Wanderer’s Diary
– Multiple performance improvements across all platforms
– Improved controller support
– New Mac support
– Higher framerate
– Lots of quality-of-life improvements

https://www.thelastcampfiregame.comRead More →

Introducing…the Expeditions update.

Set forth on a new community-focused adventure with the Expeditions update. Start a fresh journey every season, master a unique set of challenges with revitalised mission mechanics, visit bustling hub worlds, and earn exclusive rewards to keep!

https://www.nomanssky.com/expeditions-updateRead More →

Mega Cat host Alex brings us a game for the 80s and 90s fans, Lunark, a 2D cinematic platform that takes you to alien ruins, a high-tech city, and a few woodland stages — an upcoming game developed by Canari Games. Check out Lunark on Steam here: http://bit.ly/Lunark_Steam Learn moreRead More →

Mega Cat host Alex features a 90’s favorite that is coming to the Nintendo Switch, the Neo Geo Pockets! Share us what games you’re looking forward to the most. For more on Mega Cat Studios and our games, please visit: https://megacatstudios.com/​​​​ Come play & talk on discord! http://bit.ly/MegaCatStudios_DiscordRead More →

Mega Cat host Xia shares IndieRetroNews’ exciting announcement for Amiga fans. A new game for the classic console called Project Horizon has a demo! Click here for more info on the game: http://www.indieretronews.com/2021/02/project-horizon-alien-blaster-wip-for.html For more on Mega Cat Studios and our games, please visit: https://megacatstudios.com/​​​​​​​​ Come play & talk onRead More →

Welcome to the second video of our Animating with Spine tutorial series! We’ll teach you the 12 basic animation principles and how to apply those concepts in Spine. Follow along and use the provided Spine project to hone your skills by animating four different balls through an obstacle course. AsRead More →

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