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Many players in PUBG Mobile rely mainly on their eyes to give them a full picture of the battlefield. In reality, SOUND is the primary sense you’ll need to locate enemies! Watch today’s tips & also see how many other positioning and movement tricks you can find!

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Hey Xbox Gamers, Owlboy is a platform adventure game with RPG elements which took nearly a decade to develop, from concept to the final polish. You play as Otus, an owl who was born mute. He trains under his verbally abusive mentor, Asio, who doesn’t see much potential in Otus’Read More →

7 tips to help promote your game

Marketing and promotion of your game are important. They are quite possibly the most important parts of your game development process. You’ve seen, played and bought games that were advertised as amazing blockbusters, and then turned out to be garbage. But why were they so successful?Read More →

Hey Xbox Gamers, Welcome to Burnout Paradise Remastered! Originally released in 2008, Burnout Paradise was a treasure from the start. Sporting high speed races, slow motion crashes, and a huge roster of cars to choose from! Now with the remastered re-release featuring Xbox One X enhancements, the high-speed collisions neverRead More →

A collection of my favorite Unity quick tips! ● Western Props Pack: ♥ Support my videos on Patreon: ···················································································· ♥ Subscribe: ● Website: ● Facebook: ● Twitter: ········································­­·······································­·­···· ► All content by Brackeys is 100% free. I believe that education should be freely availableRead More →

In this video we begin programming our Upgrade Menu. ● Developer Forum: ♥ Donate: Difficulty of lesson: Intermediate. ● Download the 2D Assets Pack: ···················································································· Learn how to make a cool 2D Platformer using the powerful 2D tools introduced with Unity 4.3. ···················································································· ♥ Subscribe: ●Read More →

In this video we add some cool graphics for our player. Thanks to Sameen Ibne for providing the awesome player model! Contact him here: ● Download Assets: ● Download cool Weapons: ● Survey results: ···················································································· Learn how to make a multiplayer first-person shooter in Unity. ThisRead More →

In this video we add a GAME OVER screen to punish the player for dying. ● Developer Forum: ♥ Donate: ● Download the 2D Assets Pack: Difficulty of lesson: Intermediate. ···················································································· Learn how to make a cool 2D Platformer using the powerful 2D tools introduced with UnityRead More →

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