Originally streamed on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/esotericsoftware 00:00:06 Stream Introduction – How Erika lost her voice for a cold 00:04:10 Images overview 00:06:05 Centering the images 00:08:45 Planning the animation 00:10:25 Bones creation 00:18:11 Transform Constraint for inverse movement 00:22:48 Color-coding bones 00:30:39 Some little bone creation and rotation tricks 00:33:20 ParentingRead More →

We continue with the two dudes we started the playlist with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULhgQD9HvBI&t=9664s&index=1&list=PLwGl7Ikd_6GTpd2PnWqqIZVsqotxtrtaE And on user’s request, we started tackling difficoult rigs! 00:00:07 Introduction **Adding new skins to an existing project** 00:05:40 Json import 00:07:20 Find and replace to change paths in the existing skin copy 00:15:00 Deleting unused parts ofRead More →

Original broadcast: 15 March 2018 Reupload — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/esotericsoftware 00:00:10 Stream start 00:01:55 Duplicating the rigged arm – with explanation 00:08:55 Redoing the path – with explanation (hint: removing the weights solved the problem) 00:13:45 Redoing the arm linked mesh 00:14:45 Changing the color of the slot toRead More →

Original broadcast: 08 March 2018 Reupload — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/esotericsoftware 00:02:29 Stream start and how to download the photoshop script https://github.com/EsotericSoftware/spine-scripts/tree/master/photoshop 00:05:53 Tags of the Photoshop-to-Spine script 00:09:30 why it’s important to have guides and change the ruler origin 00:13:10 Discussing the interface of the script and the optionsRead More →

Broadcasted live on Twitch — Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/esotericsoftware 00:00:06 Stream start 00:04:03 Explanation of the face 2.5D system 00:05:18 Explanation of the bones that move the hat 00:06:38 Rigging his hat – how meshes work 00:08:33 Taking a peek at her hat for reference 00:10:14 Rigging his hat –Read More →

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