The deserts that saw action during World War II are located in Northern Africa—a region with rich musical heritage. The themes of Airfield, El Halluf, and Sand River maps are based on Berber folk music. Download: 0:00 Andrius Klimka – Airfield (Intro) 1:05 Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka –Read More →

This week on WoT Weekly, MeatheadMilitia talks StratSketch, makes weird animal noises and wants to know what kind of music you are listening to. Stay tuned for the Community Question of the week, and be sure to leave your in-game name in the comments section below! Twitter: Facebook: More →

Originally streamed on Twitch: 00:00:06 Stream Introduction – How Erika lost her voice for a cold 00:04:10 Images overview 00:06:05 Centering the images 00:08:45 Planning the animation 00:10:25 Bones creation 00:18:11 Transform Constraint for inverse movement 00:22:48 Color-coding bones 00:30:39 Some little bone creation and rotation tricks 00:33:20 ParentingRead More →

It’s time to see some results, results of the Winter #ue4jam that is! After playing through the 120+ incredible submissions, the team of judges has selected the finalists. Join us as we share some of our favorite games, play through the winning titles, and award some wonderful prizes. NEWS NVIDIARead More →

The invaders are passing through the grounds of an ancient abbey. The silence is torn apart by the sounds of tank engines, marching feet, and the barking of guard dogs. Download: 0:00 Andrius Klimka – Abbey (Intro) 1:02 Andrey Kulik feat. Andrius Klimka – Abbey (Battle) Composed by AndriusRead More →

Download the project here: In this live session we will be joined by Arthur Juliani and Hunter Henry of the Machine Learning team at Unity to who will explain how to use Unity’s machine learning SDK ML-Agents. The ML-Agents SDK allows researchers and developers to transform games and simulationsRead More →

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