Research Moderator

Website Activision

Activision, headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, is looking for detail-oriented temporary Research Moderator with a passion for games, science, and the voice of the players. As a Research Moderator, you’ll be mentored by a Manager of User Research and take your first step into the games industry by working on the largest gaming franchises in the world.

Opportunities: · Get on the job training and mentoring from industry experts in user research and game analysis

· Be the voice of the player base to the developers and see the game evolve based on player feedback

· Contribute your unique and interesting ideas to the field of games user research

Responsibilities: · Assists with the execution of user-tests including setup, breakdown, game review, intake/outtake of participants, recording/reporting of the players’ experiences, and other research-related activities

· Provide summarized research results for discussion and write-up

· Craft and edit reports and surveys as required

· Maintain lab and equipment

· Recruit participants through internal or external recruiting methods

· Run selected studies

· Support all User Research staff in day-to-day tasks


· A Bachelor’s degree in game development or a field focusing on human subject research (e.g., psychology, human computer interaction, human factors, communications, market research, anthropology, or similar).

· Good interpersonal communication (both written and verbal)

· Excellent organizational and analytical skills

· Adaptable and quick learner that enjoys tackling a large variety of problems.

· Must be able to handle a variety of responsibilities without getting overwhelmed.

· Must have a passion for video games and should be well versed in Activision’s titles.

· Familiarity with FPS and console games is a plus.