YGD April Game Jam 2016 Games!

Congrats to all of the jammers that made it to the end and presented their games!

Game Jam Theme: Locked In

Below are the downloadable files so that you can enjoy the games made by the jammer of the YGD April Game Jam 2016!

Escape Room

Made by: Joe Schroeder, Sean Blucker, M Jacob Hobby, Daniel Day
Tech Used: Unity
For: PC

escape room

Download and Play Escape Room

The Werewolf and the Guardian

Made by: Josh Harley, James Mikush, Brandon Kearms, Jacob Harley
Tech Used: RPGMaker MV, Paint.net
For: PC


Download and Play The Werewolf and the Guardian

Locked In

Made By: Robert
Tech Used: Html/WebLibgdx(coding java), Inkscape(vector art), MagicaVoxel(voxel art), and chiptunes (audio)
For: Web

locked in

Play Locked In


Made by: Jeff Rimko
Tech Used: Unity
For: PC


Download and Play Breakout

Ashes in the Rain

Made by: Bill Jones
Tech Used: Ink by Inkle
For: PC

ashes in the rain

Download and Play Ashes in the Rain

Elizabeth, Noah & Tony

Made by: Elizabeth, Noah & Tony
Tech Used: Gamemaker Studio
For: PC


Download and play Elizabeth, Noah & Tony

Volcano Escape

Made by: Billy Hau, Anthony Roundtree
Tech used: Unity
For: Unity webplayer

volcano escape

Download and play Volcano Escape

Quantum Slip

Made by: Tom and Nick
Tech used: Unity, Photoshop
For: PC

quantom slip

Download and play