Letter from the Organizer March 2017


March; the month of Irish celebration and the end of Winter.
I guess the theme for this month is the game development process. With our two guest authors talking about their experience with the struggles of game development, to the end if this month with the game jam. …Read More

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Letter from the Organizer February 2017

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Oh February. The month of purple, love, black history and presidents. Find out what the Organizer, Kendra is talking about with Youngstown Game Developers! Click here!

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How to Get a Job Making Games

how get a job in game development industry
Hi, I’m Adam Roush, a professional video game artist who has worked in mobile, web, and console
games for over 5 years… I’ve been job hunting ever since Blue Frog Gaming, where I had my first job in the
industry, shut down. Here are a few things that I’ve discovered and researched towards getting a job…

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