The VideoKid pays homage to the 1980s, and the classic videogames of that era. Harking back to a simpler time of pure gameplay, take control of The VideoKid as he hurls videos through the mailboxes, or windows, of his customers to earn cash. Dodge civilians, jump and grind cars andRead More →

The Badass Hero – a rogue-lite action-platformer, set in a comic book universe will launch in early 2019 and under a new title – Fury Unleashed. Fury Unleashed is a rogue-lite action-platformer, set in a comic book universe. Experience fast-paced hit-and-run gameplay and never do the same thing twice, thanksRead More →

Overcooked 2 is now on the menu! With more kitchens, recipes, chefs and levels, you will not be left hungry after this delicious second instalment! With tasty new ingredients such as… Online multiplayer! For the first time you can cook up a storm with up to four players in bothRead More →

Welcome to the 8-Bit RTS Series! Fight with ‘8-Bit Armies’ tanks & helicopters, versus ‘8-Bit Hordes’ orcs and trolls and ‘8-Bit Invaders!’ aliens & robots! Are you ready for carnage? Developed by Petroglyph Games Published by SOEDESCO® About the 8-Bit RTS Series The fast-paced 8-Bit RTS Series of games isRead More →

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