Designing the Galaxy

Form Follows Function. When they design a new car, they think about how the product will be used. If it’s a minivan, it’s big and boxy for families and their stuff. If it’s a sports car, it’s small, light, powerful, and fast.

This idea also applies to video games. When designing a menu or a new system, you have to consider what its purpose is, how it’ll be used, how people will interact with it, and make everything about it clear and concise.

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How to Get a Job Making Games

how get a job in game development industry
Hi, I’m Adam Roush, a professional video game artist who has worked in mobile, web, and console
games for over 5 years… I’ve been job hunting ever since Blue Frog Gaming, where I had my first job in the
industry, shut down. Here are a few things that I’ve discovered and researched towards getting a job…

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