How to Create Stunning Character Concept Illustrations

concept sketch how to
This is a look at a process I use to design character concepts, by utilizing painting techniques and using photographic elements to yield a more realistic and impressive illustration. While photos make it a little easier to get that hyper-realistic look, it’s still important to study form, lighting, value, and design, so that everything meshes together seamlessly.

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A Brief History of eSports [Infographic]

When Blizzard launched the beta version of “Overwatch” more than 9 million gamers signed up for it. This was not only a sign of success for the game but also showed how much gamers love online multiplayer games. eSports, which over the past decade have become synonymous with competitive online gaming, have taken advantage of this massive interest.

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Designing the Galaxy

Form Follows Function. When they design a new car, they think about how the product will be used. If it’s a minivan, it’s big and boxy for families and their stuff. If it’s a sports car, it’s small, light, powerful, and fast.

This idea also applies to video games. When designing a menu or a new system, you have to consider what its purpose is, how it’ll be used, how people will interact with it, and make everything about it clear and concise.

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