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Youngstown Game Developers Mission

The Youngstown Game Developers is a North East Ohio independent game development resourcing group that focuses on helping people become successful game developers in the entertainment technology field. We work day and night to bring an organization for students, professionals, and hobby enthusiasts to come together to learn, talk about, and become a part of the video game development industry.

Our goal is to help our community grow and create jobs within the entertainment technology field and have fun developing games. Youngstown Game Developers works with schools, students, companies, independent developers and anyone in between to learn about what game development is, and offers tools to help them succeed.

Some of the programs and events that we host and attend include:

• Regular Monthly Meetup
• Monthly Hack Night
• Yearly Game Jam
• Ohio Game Developers Expo trip
• Various other game development event trips
• Speeches and presentations at events, schools, community groups, etc.
• …and much more

We encourage anyone interested in learning about who we are and to learn more about game development and entertainment technology to come to one our Regular Monthly Meetups. They are held on the first Sunday of each month. Each month we have speakers and talk about a different subject to do with the game development and the entertainment technology field.

Some of our topics topics include:

• Game Marketing
• Networking
• Kickstarters and other crowdfunding
• Software Development Kits (SDKs)
• Graphics
• Game Design
• Mechanics
• Social Presence
• Programming Languages
• Character Design
• and more!

Visit our Meetup Page to RSVP to our next meetup!

Youngstown Game Developers Board Members


kendra corpier youngstown game developers

Kendra Corpier, Organizer

An indie game developer by night. She is the founder of Eimear Studios and Organizer for Youngstown Game Developers. She has done a lot in the video game industry, from being a QA tester in her early years, working for studios, and even being a part of the video game press. With her indie studio, she creates, designs, produces and publishes her games, from concept to finish. She also writes a blog on her studio website, eim-games.com and records a developer video blog on YouTube. Kendra believes the best part about being indie, is the freedom to create and learn on her own terms. Check out eim-games.com to keep up with her work.


Bill Jones, Co-Organizer

A professional software engineer whose passion for game development has lead to many great experiences. Bill has presented at the indie mega booth at PAX East and has frozen his butt off and become sleep deprived at several Global Game Jams at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. He is the Co-Organizer of the Youngstown Game Developers and has contributed to several games that have reached various levels of notoriety. Bill believes that games represent the best melding of art, entertainment, and design and is always looking for interesting people to collaborate with.

Andrew Pavlick Youngstown Game Developers

Andrew Pavlick, Assistant Organizer

Spends most of his days pushing polygons to make the world a better place. Andrew’s professional work encompasses everything from real-time graphics to 3D printing, including (but not limited to): custom 3D characters for Speech Pathology, environments and prop modeling for Fresenius Kabi, and recording motion capture and custom character rigging for training and medical simulations. He was a co-founder of Enyx Studios, and currently operates his own business, Create at Andrew Pavlick (CAP). Computer graphics is an incredibly fast paced industry and Andrew’s goal is to support independent and small studios in creation of triple-A content.

jeff rimko

Jeff Rimko, Assistant Organizer

A software developer and video game enthusiast, Jeff is interested in learning more about all aspects of development and helping others to grow within the field, as he has.