THE FREAK YouTube Streamer Giving Away Final Fantasy XV T3 Boosts

THE FREAK on YouTube

THE FREAK is a YouTube Streamer who is currently streaming the new mobile game, Final Fantasy XV and he’s giving away some free in-game items. If you haven’t tried Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire out yet, I suggest giving the game a shot if you like strategy, war, guilds, and building empires.

I don’t typically watch too many play-through streams, however, a guildmate of mine suggested THE FREAK’s YouTube stream. I checked this guy out, and he’s surprisingly helpful. Not to mention, for us ladies and some men out there, very easy on the eyes.

the freak final fantasy xv a new empire

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire In-Game Giveaways

So, on to business. THE FREAK is giving away some in-game stuff to help you and your guild conquer the (digital) world.

  1. Go to THE FREAK’s YouTube Channel and click on the most recent live stream.
  2. Click Subscribe
  3. Leave a comment

And that’s it! Remember, you must do this for all of his streams. He announces the winners in his next stream. So, comment in the most current one. And don’t forget, you have to be subscribed to win!

Here’s a quote from one of THE FREAK’s streams:

I’m Giving 40 PRIZES so getting commenting and share with your guild please.
let’s hit 900 SUBS we are the fastest-growing Mobile app gaming youtube channel in under 2 months nearly hit 1k subs LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN.


Think You Got It?

Right now the guild I’m in is super shwifty and one of the top in our world. And I’d like it to stay that way, so I totally attempted to win some free stuff to help me and my Guild. If you’re in-game and want to say hi, my empire name is EimGames. If you want to challenge my guild (I don’t suggest it; we have several alliances and will destroy you) we are 14AL, Strength and Honor. You could also join us if you like, but you’d need to contact our Guild King and Queen to see if your stats meet our guild requirements.

Anyways, see you in the game, and don’t forget to check out THE FREAK’s YouTube Channel!

Download it for Android here.

Download for iOS here.


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