Take 2D Creation to a New Level with Unity

That’s Right. Unity Can Do 2D.

A majority of the top 2D games in the world are made with Unity. That’s because Unity provides everything you need to create, launch and achieve ongoing success with 2D games.


The latest release, Unity 2017.1, adds new features that give developers more creative control than ever before. Just a couple highlights:

  • The new 2D Sprite Atlas solution provides more robust atlas creation and management, as well as a scripting API for more control and versatility.
  • It is now even easier to use Particles in 2D thanks to enhanced module controls and features like Noise and Trail Renderers. Additionally, the particle system now supports the use of sprites so you apply the traditional 2D workflows you’re already used to.
  • The addition of the Sprite Masking feature gives you greater creative control over the layering and visibility of your sprites.

Get even more 2D tools free

The 2D Essentials Pack is now free with your subscription to Unity Plus or Pro. Get four best-selling 2D tools – Corgi Engine, DoozyUI, DOTween Pro, and 2DDL Pro. That’s $154 worth of products you get for free when you subscribe.

So power up your 2D project with 2017.1 and the 2D Essentials Pack.

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