Letter from the Organizer: August 2017

July Was Fun

This past month has been nice and relaxing. It gave me some time to get caught up on a bit of work and relax a little. It was a lot of fun chillin with my adorable cat and dog, and I was able to spend more time than I normally get to with my parents. Oh, and I bought my adorable dog a new backpack so she can carry her own stuff on our walks. Doesn’t she look cute!


I also volunteered with Youngstown’s Boys and Girls Club. They had a fundraising BBQ on their campus, and it was a lot of fun. After I was done with my volunteering shift of serving desert, I relaxed, and some BBQ and cole slaw and got to meet a few new people and catch up with my old classmate Dave Stillwagon. You can see the fun picture of Todd Franko and me, below.


Oh! So, I also was driving home from walking my dog a few weeks ago and saw someone was throwing away their dog crates. They looked like they were in great condition, so I pulled over to check them out. They were in great condition. So, I threw them in the back of my car. A few days later, I still hadn’t decided where I was going to donate them and I ran into a group called Every Dog Matters while shopping at Pet Supplies Plus. I asked if they needed some crates, and it just so happened that they got in a lot of rescues over that weekend, but didn’t have enough crates. It was destiny. So, I gave them the crates and took a picture.


You’re probably wondering why I write about the different events and things I volunteer for in my community. I believe it’s important to make connections outside of our typical game development networking circles. It’s also important to support the community you live in. It shows that you value your community and the future of it. So, I volunteer and donate when and what I can.


#YGD Website Updates

The Youngstown Game Developers website is still being worked on. Slowly but surely I am working to increase its SEO and so that hopefully more game devs will find us and want to learn more about what Youngstown Game Developers has to offer. As of now, the website is a free resource tool for all game developers. In the future, I would like to start introducing tutorials series, some free and some included with a subscription.

I don’t think the tutorial series will happen this year, but I am hoping to have the first series done by the end of 2018. We shall see. As time moves forward, I will keep everyone informed about what the tutorial series will be on and prices for the paid ones.

Submit a Guest Post

Don’t forget to submit an article post for our newsletter and website! Other developers want to hear from you. They want to know what you go through to make your games so that he or she knows that he or she is not alone in their development process. Write about your struggles, accomplishments, an indie game you want to promote or critique, or whatever else about games you want to write about. You can email it to me, or use our website’s guest post submission form.

Prepping for GDEx

The Columbus Game Developer Expo is a month earlier this year. If you plan on attending and want to share a room with YGD please sign up on this form by August 1st. The cost per person for the hotel is $90. We will be checking into the hotel on Friday between 2 and 3 pm and checking out on Sunday morning before we head out to the expo floor. You will need to order your expo passes through GDEx. Read more about #YGD plans for GDEx, here.


Remember to take a break. Life gets busy. Sometimes, life gets so busy you feel like it’s never going to end. Take a break from the everyday grind. Go to a movie, read a book. The everyday path needs a little chaos in order for your human mind to stay alerted and aware of what is going on. That little bit of chaos also offers the brain some time to use its imagination.

So, remember to take your well deserved and needed break.

Until next month,


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