Dream. Build. Play. 2017 Game Dev Challenge

Microsoft has launched a game developer challenge. It looks pretty awesome, and there are prizes to be won. It’s called Dream. Build. Play.

dream build play

Dream. Build. Play.

Microsoft is inviting you to push your creative boundaries and challenge yourself with this competition. They are asking you to create a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) game for one of the categories below by December 31, 2017, for the chance to win cash prizes and show off your game to the world.


Dream. Build. Play.

Cloud Powered Game

Grand Prize: $100,000 USD

Build a game that uses Azure Cloud Services on the backend, like Service Fabric, CosmosDB, containers, VMs, storage, and Analytics. Judges will give higher scores to games that use multiple services in creative ways-and will award bonus points for Mixer integration.

PC Game

PC Game

Grand Prize: $50,000 USD

Create a Windows 10 game using whatever technology you prefer—even middleware like Unity, Cocos, and GameMaker—and publish it to the Windows Store. Using Windows 10 features like Cortana or Inking will give your game an advantage with the judges.

Alternate Reality Game

Mixed Reality Game

Grand Prize: $50,000 USD

Create an immersive mixed reality experience that lets players interact with 3D volumetric content in a virtual space. Use whichever tools you prefer (like Unity) to build as long as your game uses Windows Mixed Reality. Judges will prefer games that incorporate audio content.

Console Game

Console Game

Grand Prize: $25,000 USD

Build a UWP game for the Xbox One console family and incorporate the Xbox Live Creators Program with at least Xbox Live presence. Extra consideration will be given to games that incorporate Xbox Live services like leaderboards and statistics.

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Official Rules

The official rules can be read here.

Key Dates to Remember

June 27, 2017 Registration Begins

August 2, 2017 Team Formation and Game Entry Begins

December 31, 2017 Game Submission Period Ends

January 2, 2018 Judging Begins

March 20, 2018 Winners Announced

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