Letter from the Organizer: July 2017

#YGD Website Updates

You may have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of updates to our resources section of the youngstowngamedevelopers.com. I am hoping that all of these sites, references, lists and other resources I’m adding to this site will help you become the game developer you want to be and definitely can be. I am still updating it, so there are some blank pages and might as well be blank pages. I’m getting it all fixed up to be useful, just for you. If you know of something that you want to have listed in our resources section or have an idea for something to add to the website, let me know! Just fill out our beautiful contact form, and your message will be sent directly to me.

Submit a Guest Post

Don’t forget to submit an article post for our newsletter and website! You can email it to me, or use our website’s guest post submission form. Other developers want to hear from you. They want to know what you go through to make your games, so that he or she knows that he or she is not alone in their development process. Write about your struggles, accomplishments, an indie game you want to promote or critique, or whatever else about games you want to write about.

I will read it, approve it and post it! Get published on YGD today :D

Recap of June

As you can see from the picture below, we had fun at the Oak Hill Meetup in June. We met a few new faces and got some work done. The Code Youngstown Summer Meetup was a lot of fun too. Got to meet a lot of new faces from other tech industries and got to check out the Youngstown Business Incubator’s building on Federal Street in downtown Youngstown. But we have plenty coming in July, as well.

oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017

Prepping for GDEx

The Columbus Game Developer Expo is a month earlier this year. If you plan on attending and want to share a room with YGD please sign up on this form by August 1st. The cost per person for the hotel is $90. We will be checking into the hotel on Friday between 2 and 3 pm and checking out on Sunday morning before we head out to the expo floor. You will need to order your expo passes through GDEx. Read more about #YGD plans for GDEx, here.

esports Competition in Akron

Don’t forget about the eSports Live Competition! Sign up to either be a spectator or compete! Details here.

Coming Up in June

We have some fun stuff prepped for July!

This Saturday, NEOACM will be going to the Computer Museum in New Kensington, PA. Click here to RSVP  to their Meetup and find out details of the trip. On Monday, we will be having our bi-monthly Meetup at Quaker Steak in Boardman. RSVP here on our Meetup Channel so I know how many to get a table for :D  .  We also have our monthly Oak Hill Collab down at the Oak Hill Collaboration in Youngstown. Details for Oak Hill Collab are here, where you can also RSVP.

That’s all we have scheduled for July, so far. Stay tuned because you never know what cool events could appear. To make sure you don’t miss a #YGD event, sign up to our email list!

Wrapping it Up

I’m still working on my games. I’ll be giving details here and there. If you want to keep up to date with my personal work with Eim-Games, sign up for that email list, too.

Keep an eye out for the cool programs #YGD will be offering in the next coming months. We have some nice networking events and meetups this month. And don’t forget to sign up for GDEx and order your tickets on their website!

Tell your friends about YGD and all the fun stuff we do! And if you have any suggestions or comments about YGD, this Newsletter or want to make a suggestion


Pics from June

oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017 oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017 oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017 oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017 oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017

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