Letter from Kendra

Hi everyone!

oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017

Last Night at Oak Hill Collaborative

It was great to see so many new faces last night at Oak Hill. I hope everyone had fun networking and sharing ideas. I look forward to next month’s Oak Hill Collab and to see how everyone’s progress is coming along on your projects!

The GDEx Trip 2017

I would also like to send a reminder that we will be attending the GDEx (Game Developer Expo) in Columbus, OH this year (3rd year in a row!). We will be getting a hotel room for however many of us sign up to share a room (maybe two rooms depending on how many of us signs up). The cost for the hotel room for two nights will most likely be between $86 and $100 per person.

The GDEx Trip Form  <—- Fill out that form.

I need to know by August 31st, 2017, so I can make sure we can reserve the room(s) for us. I believe the hotel is within walking distance, so we can carpool down to Columbus (if you need to carpool) and walk to the Expo from the room.

Don’t forget to order your tickets at https://www.thegdex.com/.

The expo is from September 29th – October 1st. Make sure you get your weekend pass, plus any extra add-ons for the extra activities.

Submit a Guest Post

Don’t forget to submit an article post for our newsletter! You can email it to me, or use our website’s guest post submission form.

#YGD Website Updates

You also may have noticed that I’ve been doing a lot of updates to our resources section of the youngstowngamedevelopers.com. I am hoping that all of these sites, references, lists and other resources I’m adding will help you become the game developer you want to be and definitely can be. I am still updating it, so there are some blank pages and might as well be blank pages. I’m getting it all fixed up and useful, just for you. If you know of something that you want to have listed in our resources section or have an idea for something to add to the website, let me know! Just fill out our beautiful contact form, and your message will be sent directly to me.

Okeedokee. I think that’s it for this game dev love letter.

See you all at our next Meetup!


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Pictures from Oak Hill Collab Meetup 6-20-2017

oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017 oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017 oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017 oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017oak hill collaborative 6-20-2017

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