How Animations Improve the Gaming Experience

How to Maximize the Gaming Experience through the Right Style of Animation?

How to Maximize the Gaming Experience through the Right Style of Animation?

Video games have come a long way since they first appeared in homes during the 80s and 90s. Today they are more complex and there is a lot more work behind creating and publishing them. Video games are now a big industry of their own, and there are various companies whose primary focus is developing and releasing new games.

The development of a video game is a complex process. There are separate teams in charge of different aspects of the game development process including programmers, game designers, animators, publishers and so on. Animation is an important aspect of video games and some would say the main visual aspect. Animations are so important to, many teams outsource animation services if they feel like they are not up for it or need some help to complete their projects.

Many people realize that animations are an industry story of its own, with a large part of its industry story being for video games and gameplay. Let’s see how animations improve video games for players.

Animation and Game Mechanics

animation and game mechanics

Game mechanics are all of the actions, movement, and events that happen within the world of the game. This is probably the area where animation can be used the most and has the most effect on the player. The reason for this is simple, all game mechanics are animated. It’s important that the style of animation that is used delivers the right message.

For example, animations can display the current state in the game, present events or give feedback to the player. All of these things improve usability and the gaming experience. On top of that, animation is something users can interact with easily since it can be easily understood. This helps players get immersed into the game and gain a better understanding of what is going on.

Improves Gameplay

Gameplay is the deep core of video games. This is what makes or breaks a game and what usually attracts players to play. Although animation doesn’t offer a direct and visible usability effect, it is an important aspect for improving the gameplay experience.

For example, if someone plays a video game for a while, it’s usually the gameplay that convinces the player to stop playing or continue. The role the animation plays in gameplay is entertaining players. In general, animation is more entertaining and pleasing to the player’s eyes and visual experience than still images and text. It has the power to motivate players through rewarding visuals that happen during appropriate events.

When a player performs certain actions, he or she will be rewarded with and a clear in-game effect, along with an accompanying animation that will give even more significance to the action. Many of these animations are entertaining and enjoyable for the player. As you are reading this you are probably imagining your favorite reward or end battle scene in a game you grew up with. This same concept can go both ways, and it can also serve as punishment for players in case they haven’t done well within the game. Again, you are probably remembering the last time you KO’d or died in one of your favorite games.

Animations Can Improve the Atmosphere of the Game

Animation can improve the atmosphere of the game

A video game usually has a story, which can be either shorter or longer. The story has various mechanics that happen during gameplay. Animation is closely connected to stories and gameplay mechanics. First of all, if you want a video game to be enjoyable and draw people in, it needs to have consistency. This means that the animation style needs to match the story.

You cannot animate lasers or big explosions in a medieval game; it simply doesn’t add up. Animations need to be consistent with the atmosphere of the game and make it even more epic, sci-fi or whichever genre you are going for. The whole environment and interface within the game need to be animated properly to create a compelling world and story so that the gaming experience is improved for the player.

Although the animation is a separate aspect of a game, it still needs to be closely connected to all of the other game aspects. The animators have a job to communicate with other teams in order to create the hard-hitting visuals the video game deserves. This is how great game design is done.

This is a guest post by Helen from Video Caddy.

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