Bitter Hearts Gaming Club

bitter hearts arcade game challenge

Bitter Hearts Gaming Club Arcade Challenge

Bitter Hearts Gaming Club is a new arcade machine gaming club, launched by our friends over at Bitter Hearts Tattoo. Located in Youngstown, Ohio, this beautiful arcade machine cannot wait for you to play it.

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I had a little bit of free time on Friday night and decided to go check it out. So, I picked up my friend Charlene and drove over to Bitter Hearts Tattoo on Mahoning Ave in Youngstown, where the arcade machine lives.

bitter hearts game club arcade challenge

We had a blast from the past with Ian Simon, the owner and artist at Bitter Hearts and Nick Avila, the arcade machine designer. It was like when we were all in high school again.

Frame of reference: We all went to Canfield High School together. Almost every day after school, we would gather at Nick’s house to play Marvel vs Capcom on his Dreamcast or (our other friend) Dave’s house to play Super Smash Brothers or Mario Kart on his Gamecube. I do miss those care free days of gaming.

Back to current day: After graduating high school, we all stayed in touch, but responsibilities, family and life sometimes get in the way of us being able to hang out. But those stories are for another day.

bitter hearts game club arcade challenge

The Arcade Machine

We played Marvel vs Capcom, Mario World, classic D&D dungeon crawlers and so many more. It was a blast!

The arcade machine is basically a custom built, stand up arcade casing, a computer with several emulators and roms and a badass two-player arcade controller.

bitter hearts game club arcade challenge

Arcade Tournaments

To celebrate the creation of Bitter Hearts Gaming Club and the beautiful arcade machine, some gaming tournaments are announced. Below is the schedule; as we are updated with dates and times, I will update this post as well.

bitter hearts game club arcade challenge

Bitter Hearts Gaming Club Arcade Challenges

Here are the categories and official rules for fun and prizes! (but mostly for fun and the satisfaction of crushing our opponents)

SPEEDRUN – Start date: May 16, 2017

1.) Beat Original Mario in 5 minutes or less (yes it’s possible)
2.) Beat Sonic 1 in 20 minutes or less
3.) Beat Super Mario 3 in 13 minutes or less
4.) Beat Sonic 3 and Knuckles in 35 minutes or less (you can have a friend be Tails if you want)
5.) Beat original Metroid in 25 minutes or less

Your prize is nerdtastic bragging rights and a spot on the speedrun wall in Bitter Hearts Tattoo. (we don’t know where this wall is yet but there will be one)

THE HIGH SCORE CHALLENGE – Start date: May 16, 2017

The High score rules are simple:
1.) Any game with a score counter is eligible
2.) Post a picture of your high score on this page
3.) If you get 5 additional people to take a crack at beating your high score and they post their high score in your post thread then that game will be selected to go into tournament mode and the winner will receive a prize. (to be determined by the Bitter Hearts crew)

*Note: we would like to add another layer of interest to the high score challenge and welcome suggestions

VERSUS CHALLENGE – Start Date: June 16, 2017

Game Title – Marvel Vs Capcom (arcade version)
Every month starting in June a fighting game will be selected for 8 participants to sign up on our tournament bracket and show up on fight night to see who the champ is.

If you win 3 tournaments you will receive a prize (also to be determined by the Bitter Hearts crew)

In July there will be a new type of challenge, but Nick is still working out the details. Stay tuned!!

Where the Arcade Challenge is Played:

Bitter Hearts Tattoo

2209 Mahoning Ave.

Youngstown, Ohio 44509

Shop Hours:

  • Sunday            12 – 6 pm
  • Monday          Closed
  • Tuesday          12 – 8 pm
  • Wednesday    12 – 8 pm
  • Thursday        12 – 8 pm
  • Friday             12 – 10 pm
  • Saturday         12 – 10 pm



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