Letter from the Organiser May 2017

Kendra Corpier drinking Stonefruit Coffee
Kendra Corpier drinking Stonefruit Coffee

Oh man! April was a super busy month for me. With the start of the month being our annual April Fools’ Game Jam, to the end of the month working out some plans to join the Oak Hill Collaborative, it has been hectic.

Let’s Review April 2017:


If you weren’t able to join or attend the April Fools’ Game Jam, please check it out! And don’t forget, I finally got a chance to upload the games that everyone made for the game jam! So go ahead and download the game jam games and play them!

Jeff Rimko and I helped a little with CleGameCoOp’s Ludum Dare Challenge. Basically, we were there and gave a little input. We had other plans throughout the weekend, so could not help a whole lot. But check out what Keith and Andrew made! I think the game is available or will be for download, too. So, check out CleGameCoOp’s LD38 game!


We also attended Code Youngstown’s Tech Talk last week. I had a lot of fun, had a drink or two, they served pizza and a veggie tray, yummy! And then they also had two talks: Up and Running with Docker and then Building & Refining Features for Android & iOS. Both talks were great, and I learned about Docker, which I had never used before. Can’t wait for the next one, which they have not announced yet.


And last Saturday, I took part in volunteering for the Youngstown South Side Boys and Girls Club. Their facilities are beautiful, and I hope that we can work together with the Boys and Girls Club to maybe come up with a way to work with the kids. That’s a new thought, though, so we will see what comes of that.

Coming in May:

So, May is now upon us. I have a few things scheduled on our Meetup Channel for our regular Meetups, including our new Oak Hill Meetup on May 16th. Oak Hill has other tech groups that meet their, and 3D printers for us to use and or learn to use. So, let’s build some cool stuff! We have out Monday Hack Night at Quaker Steak and Lube in a week and I think that’s it!

I have a few meeting I will be attending for future ideas and events, but there’s nothing set in stone yet, so I shall keep those a secret for now ;)

Take Away:

Well, it’s the start of spring / summer. Since this month is a fairly mellow month for YGD, I would suggest going outside a little and enjoying the sun. If you have a family, take them to a lake or pool to swim. Maybe volunteer at a local organization or non-profit. They always need help. Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from game development and let your mind reset by doing things outside of game development. You never know, doing things outside of game development just might give you your next million dollar idea.

Anyways, enjoy the month of May! I’ll see you at the next Meetup!

<3 Kendra

YGD Lead Organiser

Owner / Developer of Eim – Games

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