Letter from the Organiser April 2017

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Letter from the Organiser: Kendra Corpier

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone’s month of March went well. As most of you are aware (or maybe you aren’t) I am currently hosting via the Youngstown Game Developers, our second April Fools’ Game Jam!

Wrapping Up March

This month of March has been crazy! I’ve been super busy wrapping up some last minute details for the game jam, reaching out to some new networking groups for game development and getting everything ready for the April Fools’ Game Jam.

So, I’m going to try to keep this short, so I can finish a few more last details for this weekend’s game jam event.

GDEx 2016 ygd friendships

YGD Networking and Friendships

I’m super excited to have so many people interested in game development and our local game jam in the Youngstown area and beyond! I’d love to keep this momentum going, so let’s have a super fun game jam and get excited for the growth for all of us Youngstown Game Developers.

I like to consider everyone in our game dev community my friends and colleagues. And, if I haven’t met you yet, come on down and introduce yourself because I’d love to meet you and show you how game development is about so much more than games.

Check out our Meetup Channel for our next scheduled meetup and follow our blog to know what’s going on and receive our monthly newsletter!



One of the networks that actually reached out to me was Keith from the CleGameCoOp. He introduced me to a tech startup in Cincinnati called TheMonetizr. Basically, they have a Unity plugin that allows for pop-ups, similar to the way ads work, except that you are promoting swag for your game or for your company.

I’ll talk a lot more about the company and their plugin this weekend, but basically, they are offering a pretty cool offer for anyone that uses Unity and publishes a game with their plugin. You will need to fill out a form and once the form is filled out and submitted, you will have 30 days to publish a game with their plugin. Then you’ll receive some free swag for your game from TheMonetizr!

Read my post about TheMonetizr and their service here.


Basically, YGD is a growing game dev group. We have lots of events and things to look forward to throughout the rest of the year and years to come. I won’t necessarily be able to attend them all, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go. Attend all of the events you can. Network, make new game dev friends, spread the YGD developer friendship. Let everyone know what Youngstown has to offer.

May the fools of April bring you a joyful spring, and I look forward to writing to you all next month.

<3 Kendra

YGD Lead Organiser

Owner / Developer of Eim – Games

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