Best New Way to Monetize Your Games

I know what you’re thinking. Another ad monetization plugin for Unity… bleh. But you couldn’t be more wrong.


My Experience Installing

About a week ago, Keith of CleGameCoOp asked me if I had heard of TheMonetizr, a tech startup out of Cincinnati. I said, “No. No, I have not.” Keith went on to explain that he had started networking with them at the last GDEx and that they have a really cool new way to monetize games.

I thought to myself, “okay, sure. Another monetization ad plugin.”

Keith continued to tell me they needed to meet a quota of published plugins for the month and asked if I had anything that might be able to use it since it is currently only available for Unity.

I told Keith that I primarily use Unity and that I’d instal it in my old game, Epicurus Unvorsum (EU). EU was never really successful as a published game, so what could it hurt to experiment with it.

Now, on TheMonetizr’s website, they advertise a 3 minute instal. I thought, yeah freakin’ right. I have tried and installed several monetization plugins, including Unity’s, and it took me a day or two to figure out the easy ones.

So, I downloaded their plugin and followed the directions. This was the absolutely easiest plugin instal I have ever used. It did take me about 10 minutes instead of 3 to finish, but it was my first time installing it.

I published my game update to the Play Store and presto-whammo, it was working. I couldn’t believe it.

About TheMonetizr

Now, besides how easy it is to instal, let me tell you a little about TheMonetizr Unity plugin.

The plugin’s code can be placed anywhere you want the pop-up to appear. The app’s devs suggest to not interrupt gameplay, especially since that’s just plain old annoying. So place it somewhere, like when the user returns to the main map or presses pause. Figure out where your consumer will see it, but it won’t annoy them.

When the pop-up appears, the player is offered an option to purchase some swag for the game he or she is playing! With all of those happy “I just won a level” emotions triggering throughout their brains, they might be so motivated to purchase something.

Once the player purchases the item, both you and TheMonetizr receive whatever % of the sale is in the contract. They claim that you will receive 14x more profit than using ad monetization. It makes sense since true fans will want your merchandise and are more likely to purchase.

So the team at TheMonetizr will create mock-ups for your swag so you can choose what cool merchandise you display for your in-game pop-ups.

Even More Benefits

That’s right, there’s more. This costs you nothing. Absolutely nothing. This is a service, sort of partnership where you are advertising the products they make for you, directly to your customers. So you both win by sharing the efforts.

Oh, and they handle all of the shipping, to anywhere in the world. So, ALL of your fans can get your cool merchandise, and your fans will know they are directly supporting you.

Their Promotion to You

TheMonetizr is a fairly new startup. There are a few studios currently using their plugin, which you can check out here.  But right now, they are offering to send you a free swag bag of your own merchandise, just to try it out.

All you need to do is get your game ready for publishing, fill out this form, and publish your game with the plugin installed and functional within 30 days and they will send the swag bag to you. You get some cool free merch to show off to your fans, which will, in turn, promote them to play your game and buy your stuff! Win-win!

Form to Fill Out for Swag Bag


This is a great Unity plugin. I can’t wait to get my next game out on the market and see just how amazing this new monetization truly is.

I have to say, I will definitely be using this plugin for my next game. It’s easy and seems like it will be more likely to make more money than regular ads. Plus all the sweet merch!

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