2017 Game Development World Championship Now Open

game development world championship

Game Development World Championship 2017

That’s right! It’s back! The Game Development World Championship is back for the year 2017. Below is release from Leevi Rasila to tell you all about this year’s GDWC 2017.


That’s right, everyone! We’re proud to announce that the GDWC is back for another year. Due to the success of the competition last year, we’re looking at at least another year of GDWC, and most likely the return of GDWC as an annual event for years to come! The event will be similar to previous year, but there are a few differences…


Last year, the categories were for Entertainment games and Serious games. We got a lot o great serious games in the competition last year, but decided that a split between the kind of developer, not the kind of game, would be best. This is why we will have a category for Professional developers and another one for the developers that aren’t there yet. Students (you’ll be the future of the industry one day!), hobbyists (You keep the scene alive!) and others (there are too many kinds of game developers to count ,really!) need a chance to shine as well, which is why we want to separate these categories.

In addition, we are looking forward to building several “Bonus stages” into the categories with our partners. A game made with a specific engine, for a specific genre, or with a specific theme, for example. I cannot disclose what kind of categories there will exactly be, but if you’re interested in sponsoring your own category, feel free to message me!


Last year, we left the judging of the games very vague. This year, we want to explain first-hand what are the three things we ask of our judges to focus on when testing the games: Fun, Feel and Novelty. Fun meaning how fun the game is to play and if it holds the interest of the player. Feel is for gameplay, graphics and general execution of the game, while Novelty is for how unique and new the idea is, or if it combines existing gameplay mechanics in new and interesting ways? We will have a jury with top games industry talent this year as well, so your games will be in good hands.


Last year, we asked for every team member to register for the competition separately, which didn’t work out quite as planned and caused several issues. In addition, there were a few confusing instructions given in the actual submission page, leaving to a lot of time being spent on answering your questions and concerns.
This is why we have updated the registration process to be more sleek and easier-to-use during the GDWC 2017, and will do the same for the actual submission of the games as well. And when we do, we will make sure that everyone who has registered for the competition before that will stay registered so you won’t have to worry about re-registering.


That is all for now. I sincerely hope that you will submit awesome games just like last year and that we will have a great competition. Don’t forget to check the GDWC Twitter and Facebook for info on our current happenings and send us a message over there too if you have any questions.

Best wishes from Finland,

Leevi Rasila
Event Producer

Can’t wait to see what you enter this year! And let us know if you decide to enter. We will do a feature post about you and your game!

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