Letter from the Organizer March 2017


March; the month of Irish celebration and the end of Winter.

Wrapping Up February

Last month, Jeff and I got the opportunity to volunteer be mentors for Hack YSU’s Hackathon, and I even got to be a judge to help decide the winners. If you want to read more details on the Hackathon, you can do so, here. But just know, it was a blast meeting so many super talented students from all over the place, some coming from as far as Canada!

Houdini also offered everyone a free 3 month software license in celebration of the upcoming April Fools’ Game Jam. So, sign up for the free 3D software license! And speaking of the game jam, don’t forget to sign up! We have limited spots left!

We were also name an Official Unity Group from Unity 3D! You can read more on that, here.

april fools' game jam
Sign up before March 24th!

YGD March 2017

But enough about February, let’s talk about March! We have some fun things coming up in March! This is your last few weeks to sign up for the April Fools’ Game Jam. There will be prizes, food, friends, fun and best of all it’s free! Sign up now! We only have a few spots left and you need to be signed up before March 24th and it starts on March 31!


On March 9th, Drund is hosting a Tech Talk on large mobile app development. I see a few people have RSVP’d via the Meetup, so super awesome. It should be a good talk; hope to see you there!


In Conclusion

I guess the theme for this month is the game development process. With our two guest authors talking about their experience with the struggles of game development, to the end if this month with the game jam.

Some good advice I can give for this month, is you may have to put game development on pause, especially as a part time indie developer. Life happens. But that’s no reason to give up. Like Judy said in her article, if you have just 15 minutes, you can do a little bit of work towards your game development project.

And, if you come across a project that just turns into a mess, you can be like Adam and his former team and turn the negative of a game death to the positive of a phoenix being reborn. They learned from their mistakes and created a whole new game.

Game development is tough. But it’s also fun. Because of its ever changing and new technologies, we must stay networked to learn from one another. Turn one person’s mistakes into a positive lesson learned to avoid making the same mistake over and over again. After all, that is the definition of insanity ;P

Anyways, if you have any questions or comments about something you would like or an event we don’t know about, please Contact Us and we will spread the word and hopefully attend.


Thanks for reading…

…and see you at the next Meetup!

And, sign up for our newsletter so you are always in the know for local game development!

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