Houdini 3 Month Trial for April Game Jammers


Hello everyone! With the Aprils Fools’ Game Jam just under 7 weeks away, Houdini is giving us an excellent software trial license for 3 months.

The idea is you’ll have 7 weeks to play around with it and learn the 3D software Houdini. Then, you’ll get to use it during the jam and a little afterwords  to continue working on your game.

A Little About Houdini

“Independent animators and game creators are the lifeblood of the entertainment industry. With Houdini Indie, they now have access to a comprehensive set of procedural tools and assets to help them experiment, innovate, and create! Houdini Indie makes all of Houdini’s animation and VFX tools available under an indie license to animators and game makers who want to use Houdini during the incubation stage of their business.”

— from Houdini


Houdini Demo Reel 2015 from Go Procedural on Vimeo.


As you can see, Houdini can do some amazing things. So, go ahead, and request your free 3 month Trial and test it out at the upcoming game jam!

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