Letter from the Organizer February 2017


Oh February. The month of purple, love, black history and presidents.

January Meetup

Meetup with Us

As you can see, Youngstown Game Developers has taken to a more social online, with a Meetup every 4 weeks. To keep it so that everyone can get a chance to hang out we host it every other meetup at Boardman and then Hermitage. To stay updated with when those Meetups are, join us on Meetup.com and then come hang out with us.

We love to hear stories and see what you are working on, so come join us.

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YGD Reddit

Also, if you didn’t already know, we launched a Reddit channel for us all to share ideas, projects and talk about games and game development in a forum style platform. You can check out the Reddit conversation on our website!

April Fools’ Game Jam

With April closing in, our yearly game jam, April Fools’ Game Jam will be here before we know it. With even more prizes and cool stuff to give away, we expect this year’s April Fools’ Game Jam to be most excellent. So, sign up before all 50 spots are taken! Last year was a lot of fun, so I know this year is going to be great!

That’s it for this month’s letter from your Organizer!

I hope everyone has a wonderful month of February and I look forward to seeing you at our next Meetup!

kendra corpier youngstown game developers

~Kendra, YGD Organizer

PS: Have a project you’re working on or need help with? Or maybe you just want some feedback on some artwork or game concept? Ask away in the comments and join us for chat on our Reddit!

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