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One of our neighboring game dev group members, Stephanie Frankiewicz, is working on a game that is in Kickstarter right now and needs your support.

Stephanie is a Cleveland Game Dev Organizer, and is working on the game called Zed. It seems pretty cool, very artsie and Myst-like.

So check it out here, and help get it to finish their Kickstarter campaign!

A little about Zed:

ZED is the creation of Chuck Carter, one of the creative talents behind Myst, the Command & Conquer series, and 25 additional games.

ZED is an adventure game where you have to fix things, reconnecting memories to reveal a story about life and death – about love, loss and facing the unthinkable – the absence of ones ability to even remember their name or those they love.

It’s about the things that we leave undone or unsaid.

ZED is about helping someone unlock pathways to things desperately forgotten, where you’re helping the Dreamer say farewell to someone he knows he’ll never meet. Yet, there are things standing in your way.

Find out more here and support their Kickstarter!

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