Recap of Today’s Game Developer Meetup

YGD Meetup 12-2015

Hi everyone!

Today’s Meetup was a lot of fun..

We talked about the upcoming Global Game Jam. We will be attending the Cleveland Game Dev’s hosting of it, which will be on January 29th – 31st. You must buy the tickets to attend. The link to purchase your tickets is and you can RSVP via their meetup page at Bill and I are definitely going, and we can also give rides to anyone who needs a lift.

Two weeks before the GGJ, we are planning on attending Cleveland Game Dev’s prep for jamming. We will road trip for that as well, so anyone who needs a ride, please let us know. As soon as I know the details for that, I will update you all.

HackYSU will be hosting a hackathon in February. It’s free for students to participate and they are looking for mentors and sponsors. Sponsors for funding, and mentors to help the students out. I will be helping to mentor, and a little bit of sponsoring by getting the badges created for the event for them. There will be food, so check out their website for more info:
We also talked about the fun we had at OGDE, meeting other game devs, meeting Grant Kirkhope (the audio creator for Rare’s early games), Ross Hersemann ( talked about games as art and video game law, and some other fun stuff.

We will also be attending next year, with the goal of getting a YGD booth, allowing everyone who attends to meet new devs and show of their work/projects with other devs. For more info on OGDE visit

We did a lot of chit-chatting about games and development and a discussion about Crowdfunding and some of the available crowdfunding platforms, including Kickstarter, IndiGoGo, and a new one: VIG. Each has their ups and downs, but ultimately, it’s all about finding your fans and being truthful with them.

The video will be live within the next week or so, so if you missed the meetup, you may watch it on YouTube, once it’s posted.

Anyways, if you weren’t there today, we missed you and you didn’t get to have any of the delicious Christmas cookies I made for everyone! We hope to see you in January at our next Meetup!

January’s Meetup will be announced shortly, and this meetup will be our advancing into the new year by chilling around and playing some classic games! Not sure which consoles will be brought, yet, but we will have a TV to gather around and play some classics.

See you all next month, and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!


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