Recap of Classic RPG Brainstorming Session

We had a great Meetup this month! We talked about all sorts of classic SNES games like Metroid and Mario RPG and what ways we could re-create them for the modern day consumer or convert it to a modern console.

We also discussed games, like Pitfall and some of the Mega Man games, that were not successfully re-created into modern day gaming. We even viewed some Virtual Reality clips on YouTube of a Zelda game, which was, to say the least, interesting and humerus.

What to take away from this Meetup?

Not all games are merged with modern game technology well, but they all have the potential to be great games. Like all game games, it’s a matter of mixing story, game mechanics, and the modern console together with a hint of “what does your consumer want to play”.

november 2015 meetup at McDonough

For everyone who is attending the Ohio Game Developer Expo

This will be an exciting event. Kendra will be checking us all in to the hotel at about 2pm, and we should all be there by about 5pm. For those of you who are going separately from the group, we will see you at the kick off party Friday night.

See you all at next month’s meetup, and don’t forget to RSVP so we know how much pizza to bring!

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