Following Up After Business and Marketing for Your Game or App

business and marketing meetup

Hi everyone!

It was great seeing everyone who came to the meetup today! We went over a lot of stuff, so here it goes.

Today, I gave a presentation about the Business and Marketing of an Indie Game Studio. We covered a little of everything, and I hope you all found something useful to help you out. I also wrote a PDF that goes a little more into detail about the topics and you can download it via the files tab for our group. Here is the link:

business and marketing meetup

We also discussed our OGDE road trip in November. As far as costs go, I will email everyone who is attending, privately, to inform you of the details. We also discussed doing some Guerrilla marketing while we are there, so get your business cards, demo builds, and swag ready! Wahoo! Also, a backpack to carry all of your stuff during the event might be a good idea.

Also, the naming choosing voting has started for the convention we will be hosting in October-ish 2017. We will allow one more week for name submissions, and you have until October 4, 2015 to vote for the convention name. The voting will be done anonymously via Google forms. You are allowed to change your answer, but you cannot vote more than once. The voting link is

and to submit a name idea for the convention, the link is:

May the best name win.

On October 13th, Bill, Andrew and I will be giving a speech / panel at YSU McDonough museum about game development. It is free and anyone can attend. I believe it starts at 5:30 pm. We will remind you at the next meetup.

Also, April 1-3, we will be hosting a Game Jam in the McDonough Museum. It will be a 48 hour jam, and we will be able to sleep in the museum overnight. The theme will be given at the jam. As we get closer to the jam, we will discuss ways that will help you complete a successful game jam. Also, food will be served at the jam, so you won’t have to leave to go eat. More details to come.

In approximately January, I will be looking into declaring YGD as an official non-profit organization. This will help us to get funding via grants and donations and make us a more official organization. Super exciting!

October is our first birthday! Wahoo! So, there will be cake. If anyone has any food allergies, let me know so I can figure out what kind of cake would serve us best.

For October’s meetup, I will be talking about the good, the bad and the crazy of Kickstarter. My Kickstarter launches on September 24th, and ends on October 31st. So, I will be talking about what worked and what didn’t, how successful it may or may not be etc. This is my first Kickstarter, and not many mobile apps are on Kickstarter, so let the experiment begin!

I look forward to seeing you all in October!



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