Following Up After Brainstorming and Feedback

Following Up After Brainstorming and Feedback

After today’s eventful meetup, I think it makes sense to send out this newsletter to fill everybody in on our various projects.

The first matter of business is the Ohio Game Developers Expo. We are trying to organize a group of people to go to this event in Columbus Ohio on Friday November 6 through Sunday November 8. We would be sharing hotel rooms and car pooling to reduce costs. If you are interested, please signup on this spreadsheet here.

Next order of business, we are still working on putting on a conference in the Youngstown area. The initial idea I believe was to focus on video games, but after talking with JD, a professor from YSU, we may want to open it up to all Interactive Arts. Right now we are trying to come up with a name, so if you have any suggestions, fill it out on the spreadsheet here.

Lastly, the topic that we settled on at the meetup for next time was marketing and networking for your game. Kendra has some insights from the work she has been doing on her most recent game and we have a couple of other members who may be able to speak on this topic. Also, so everybody knows, we are going to be moving the meetups back to Youngstown. Either at the Boardman library again or another venue, but in the Youngstown area.

Thanks for reading and I hope to see everybody at the next meetup. Also, if anybody has any ideas for future meetups or would like to present anything they have been working on, please let us know.

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