Brainstorming and Feedback


At the most recent meeting we all brainstormed on concepts for the convention, talked about projects we are working on or starting to work on, and discussed what is happening in the game development community.

If you haven’t been to a meeting yet, please come join us! We welcome anyone interested in game development, and we are basically a support group for each other. Keeping each other motivated, and helping each other out. Come join us!

This month we will continue to talk about the projects we are working on. Share some issues we may be having and help each other get our projects started, published, working, etc.

We also mentioned having a classic gaming night to just relax and play games on old school systems. Maybe discuss the pros and cons, good and bad of the games we play. We should discuss a time and date to do this, and then decide of we want this to be a regular meeting, either once a month, or every other month. I think it would be a lot of fun. I’m totally down for it. Maybe when we bring the game/console, possibly present why you chose the game, a little history about it, and what makes it such a good/bad game to play.

Someone(s) also mentioned having or starting tutorial sessions. This might be nice to help promote ourselves throughout our communities either through the schools, and/or to also have one for our group. We should discuss details about this. So come up with some things you want to learn or teach, and some things that we might be able to present to some local schools to get the students (high school, middle school, and college level) interested in.

We will also continue to discuss ideas for the convention, and start to get organized to present it. I have a Trello board already created and will share with everyone at the meeting. Also, we need a name for the convention so I can get a website started for it. We will decide on a name for it at this meeting. So, come up with some cool, catchy ideas. I’m thinking Youngstown themed, but catchy like Penny Arcade Expo = PAX or Electronic Entertainment Expo = E3. Also, try and think of some people/companies to approach for funding/booths/speakers for the event. We won’t present to them yet, but it will be good to have a list started.

See you all soon!

August 2 · 2:00 PM

Don’t forget to RSVP on the meetup page so we know how much pizza to bring!

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