Let’s Do Some Concepting!

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Continue Our Brainstorm to Concepting

For this meetup, we will be continuing from the brainstorm ideas we started in May! We will start concepting the gameplay, characters, and other stuff! So come join us for a fun group lab!

Here is a link to the brainstorming worksheet form our last meetup that can serve as the basis for our concepting journey.


The first tab contains our brainstorm board and on the other tabs are the two games that we fleshed out from those ideas.

This meetup will be at a new location, since the library is now closed on Sundays until the fall. The location address and name will be posted soon.

June 7 · 2:00 PM

Letter from the Organizer

Hi everyone!

I’m really excited about this upcoming meetup! Not only are we going to be working together as a team to concept ideas from the last meetup, but there is a movie showing of an indie game documentary movie to talk about for the next scheduled event!

At this meetup, we will be talking about the concepts we discussed last month, and hashing out some details towards game ideas with those concepts. These concepts are free for you to use, for whatever purpose you would like, even publish your own game with them!

For the movie for the next event in June, I will be talking to you about some developers who will be speaking at our movie event, and a few other game developer groups.

Hope to see you on Sunday!

Sorry about that everyone,

My email was probably a little confusing. Just to clarify, the meetup is Sunday June 7th, not tomorrow. Also, don’t forget, we are meeting at a new place, the eCenter at Linden Point, 3580 Innovation Way, Hermitage, PA.

See you all on June 7th!


Don’t forget to RSVP on the meetup page so we know how much pizza to bring!

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